Hotels and Resorts
Bonier Furniture Manufacturing specializes in the hospitality industry; completing projects to date for hotels with up to 900 rooms. Working in wood, laminate, granite, and glass the company provides custom millwork, cabinetry, office furnitue, and fabrication, restoration and refinishing services. BFM's skilled carpenters and fabricators maintain quality in craftsmanship throughout installation and consistently execute each project according to plan.
Anatole Hotel: Millwork, cabinetry and granite countertops for 900 guest room entrances and bathrooms, and elevator lobbies Anatole Hotel: Custom millwork and refinishing of all elevator lobbies
Anatole Hotel: Recessed lighting boxes above guestroom entrances Anatole Hotel: Guest bathroom cabinetry, granite countertops, and mirror frames
Hotel Intercontinental Dallas: Decorative Walnut Hallway sectional spacers Hotel Intercontinental Dallas: Guest bathroom cabinetry and granite countertops
Hotel Intercontinental Dallas: Guest room with window curtain valence Hotel Intercontinental Dallas: Decorative walnut window curtain valences
Sheraton Hotel: Lobby elevator millwork. Sheraton Hotel: Reception area desk millwork.
Sheraton Hotel: Guest bathroom cabinetry millwork and granite countertops. Sheraton Hotel: Handicap bathroom cabinetry millwork and granite countertops.
Sheraton Hotel: Baseboard millwork detail.

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